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Randell M. Reid

Randell M. Reid, Master Violin Maker, established his studio in Hartford Connecticut in August 1998 after immigrating with his wife from Montreal, Canada.  After living in a small carriage house for one year Randell moved his studio to Hartford’s West End were he remains today.   Hartford was chosen because of its great mix of professional and amateur orchestras, and the philanthropic traditions of businesses in Hartford that are crucial for the arts.  Hartford’s continuing dedication to teaching music in public schools acts as the foundation of a communities musical heritage.  In the past, professional musicians, aspiring amateurs and students had to travel to either Boston or New York for even the most basic of needs for their instruments.  This requires more time and expense than most musicians can afford.  Randell’s studio specializes in his own hand made violins, violas and cellos using only the finest aged European woods. Working by appointment, Randell builds new instruments, restores, repairs and maintains older instruments with great respect for the musician, and mindful of the original violin maker’s intentions. Musicians needs are met from the basic maintenance of a bow re-hair  to the most complicated restoration. Some of the instruments may be over two hundred years old, preserving their originality is vitally important for the maintenance and value of the instrument.

Most repairs brought into our New Haven location will be taken to Mr. Reid's workshop so he can spend the necessary time and attention on each instrument.  Most basic repairs will be ready in about a week.  Please feel free to contact us to get a time estimate on your repair as some more intensive repairs and restorations may take longer to complete.