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Headway HE4/EDB-1 set, Mandolin Combo set

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Product Description

The HE2 Passive is a simple Piezo cable pickup wired via a fine co-axial cable, to end pin jack socket, which is fitted in the bridge of the instrument under pressure, usually under a saddle. Headway believes it to be the best sounding pickup material available because of it's 360 degree sensing of more of the instrument and evenly along it's entire length. The HE2 Pickup also scores through it's lower resonant frequency, compared to competitors. This avoids the excessive and unnaturally piercing harsh treble, presence peaks and upper mid honkiness, which plagues other transducer pickups. The HE2 Piezo cable pickup has a unique construction, which avoids hum from an open cut tips, or from the shifting along of shielding Braid. An outer plastic layer prevents the braid from stretching out or bunching up, which also prevents strings from becoming unbalanced. HE2 Passive could be seen as part of a system, where no batteries or pre-amp are wanted on board the instrument, but because of the key limitations of it's Ultra High Impedance signal and modest output levels, it is essential to use a short, high-shielded jack lead (e.g. JLM1 or JLM2 ) to an ultra high-impedance pre-amp ( e.g. EDB1 or SK60/SK120 via +Hi. ), to get a good quality tone, with low noise and strong signal levels. We do not recommend this pickup's solo use straight into competitor pre-amps or combos, as they will not have been optimized for it's highly specialized characteristics. Instead, if you wish to use other amps and devices, you should first interface it through EDB-1 or Shire King via +Hi setting.

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