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D'Addario Kaplan Bass A String

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Product Description

The Kaplan double bass strings are designed primarily for bowed string players. They were created to provide a rich tone, variable dynamics, and excellent bowing response. They are clear, yet warm in their tonal color - regardless of what register you're playing in.

This is accomplished by mixing various string winding materials to achieve the best playability and sound from every string. So, while all Kaplan Bass strings have a stranded steel core, the Kaplan Bass G string is titanium wound, and the A and D strings are nickel-wound. The E string is tungsten-wound.

These strings should be a favorite among the most discerning orchestral musicians. The strings are are reportedly very easy to bow, with a fast response, and have a "soft" feel both under the left hand and under the bow - making them an "easier" playing string. Yet they have a great range of dynamics and sound - you can really get them projecting loudly, without having the note distort out of tune.

And yes, they can be played pizz! For classical pizz, they have the appropriate and expected big, round tone. They are a darker sounding string, by design, so they don't have the brightness you might expect in "modern jazz," but they're not dead and thuddy, either.

The strings are scaled to fit 3/4 size bass with a playing length of 41 3/4 inches (1060mm). The medium tension strings are the best choice for a majority of players, but light and heavy sets are also available.

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